Spring Time ~ Makeup review time

Do you  taken inventory of your make up?  Do you know how old each piece of make up you have is? Do you know the shelf life of your cosmetics?  Unfortunately, makeup doesn’t last forever.   Make up needs to be replaced with fresh product every so often.  Follow these guidelines to keep you makeup fresh and to make sure that you have good quality makeup that doesn’t allow for bacteria habitation.

Follow these Guidelines ~

Take inventory ~

 Then   me to replace all that old stuff with new healthy Avon makeup

Liquid Foundation and Concealer should be replaced about every 6 months.  If the liquid gets grainy or extra-thick, its time to replace it. Always store in cool spot. Hot and humid weather can cause makeup to separate. Concealer sticks should also be stored in a cool place to prevent melting.   Try Ideal shade Concealer Sticks & Anew Liquid Foundation


Mineral Makeup has become more popular in the makeup industry in the last few years. Mineral makeup, as a powder, is lightweight and doesn’t have that “cakey” feeling when applied to the face. Mineral makeup should be replaced once a year, while Liquid foundation should be replaced every 6 months.


Compact Powder and Blush lasts from 6 to 9 months. The brushes and rounds that come with them should be replaced whenever they start to get dirty. Brushes can also be washed, if you don’t want to replace then often. Compacts sometimes form a hard, shiny layer on the top of the powder itself. You can choose either to replace the compact or scrap off the hard shiny part and use the powder under it.


Pencil Eyeliner and Eye Should be replaced every 3-6 months. Eye makeup is the first product you should replace before anything else. This is the number one product that bacteria like to live on. The applicator for eye shadow should be replaced at the same time as the eye shadow.


Liquid Eyeliner and Mascara is a breeding ground for germs.  This is why it’s very important that each one be replaced every 3 months or earlier if you have had an eye infection, such as pink eye.


Lipstick and Lip Gloss will last about 1 year; as long as you keep them in a cool spot. Lipstick will melt if kept in the heat. Since lipstick and lip glosses tend to be worn a lot they usually run out before reaching a year old.  However if there are those you don’t use as often replace annually.


Makeup brushes can harbor lots of dirt and bacteria, however regular washing (at least every two weeks) of your makeup brushes can keep them ~ and your face ~ clean and healthy. To keep your brushes clean follow these simple steps:

  • Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm running water
  • Apply a small amount fo shampoo to bristles and work unto a light lather
  • Rinse bristles thoroughly under warm running water until no color leaves the brush
  • Allow it to air-dry.


Tips to Remember

Do Replace any makeup that smells bad or develops different texture

Do Replace any makeup which has been used if you have had any eye or skin infection

Do NOT store makeup in hot, humid, or sunny locations. It is not recommended to keep your makeup in the bathroom.

Do keep track of when you bought your makeup, by marking with the date opened

DO NOT buy super expensive mascara, unless you are able to splurge on it every three months. This is the one product you need to replace often, so why spend a lot on it.


Now that you have taken inventory of the makeup in your home, make a list of what needs to be replaced now!

Liquid Foundation:

Mineral Makeup:

Compact Powder:


Eyeliner Pencil:

Liquid Eyeliner:

Eye Shadow:



Lip Gloss:

Brushes ~  Face Brush:          Blush Brush:          Round Brush:       Eyeliner Brush:        Kabuki Brush:

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