About Me.

Hello, Let me introduce myself and welcome you to EVERYTHING AVON!

Kathy Michael

Kathy Michael

My name is Kathy Michael.  I am a business professional working in a “typical” office environment. Through age and some medical issues I have began to look at alternatives to the “typical” office environment.  So my journey with Avon began, in hopes of creating a steady income by the time I have to leave the traditional environment. Since the inception in June of 2011, I have stepped up and way out of my comfort zone with enthusiasm, excitement and sheer determination.

My mission with this blog is to inform, educate, teach, train and make people feel good about the way they look by helping them to look more youthful. There is no magic just good habits and the right products. Avon is not just cosmetics and through this blog I will explore with you all that Avon has to offer. I will post something every couple of days. It could be just a picture, or a promotion, a special buy, an inspirational message etc.  Once a week there will be a post to educate, teach and help you attain your goals.  So please if you have questions or a topic you want more information on please post a comment and I will do my best to address. I have never blogged before so please post your comments good or bad.

Come join me on this journey of Everything AVON.  Who knows you might even find our products to be superior and at a reasonable price.  If you’re struggling with finances and you have $10 I can help get you started just like I did.  That’s right its only $10 to become your own boss, have your own business, work your own hours and make your own decisions. Let’s talk if this interests you, It’s never to late.

Shop online 24/7 at www.youravon.com/kathymichael

Contact me via email at avonladykathy@gmail.com

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